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iQsub Technologies

iQsub Technology is a company focused on the development, construction and production 
of specific diving equipment, Closed-Circuit-Rebreathers, a Semi-closed-Circuit-Rebreather, 
special parts for CCR and underwater housings for video cameras.

The production hall and offices are located in a quiet area surrounded by greenery. 
This guarantees a quiet working environment for the staff 
without disturbing external influences.

iQsub manufacturing facility

iQsub manufactures all specific components for XCCR, FLEX2, BOVs, DSVs, GoPro housings 
and another products in its manufacturing facility equipped with a number of CNC milling 
machines, CNC lathes, a laser marker, a TIG welder, a sandblasting machine, a pressure 
chamber up to 330m, electronics installation workshop, assembly and testing workshop.

All the parts are precisely manufactured using durable materials such as Delrin, stainless 
steel AISI 316, Titanium, hard anodized AlMgSi alloy, chrome plated brass or naval brass.

The production process has a certified Quality Management System according to ISO 
9001:2015. Suppliers of materials and commercial components are carefully selected to 
guarantee the highest quality and reliability of supply.

iQsub has its own design studio where all parts are designed and modeled in 3D CAD 
software SolidWorks. The data for production on CNC machines are generated in CAM 
software, which guarantees repeatability and exact conformity of all manufactured parts.

A few facts about the origin and history of iQsub

The iQsub brand was founded in 2000, when we 
started producing aluminum UW housings for Sony 
and Canon video cameras, LCD video monitors as 
well as underwater video lights.

In 2005, we finished a project prototype of our first 
CCR (Close-Circuit-Rebreather) and produced the 
first small series of CCR units, with Hammerhead 
control electronics from Juergensen Marine Inc.

Then in 2006 we entered into an agreement with 
Juergensen Marine Inc. to design a new 
Hammerhead CCR.

At DEMA 2007 in Orlando, Golem Gear Inc. together 
with Juergensen Marine and iQsub introduced the 
new Hammerhead CCR to the public. After the DEMA 
we began production of the Hammerhead CCR’s for 
Juergensen Marine Inc.

In 2010 we finished development and started manufacturing and sales of the new compact 
Shrimp BOV with unique ball valve and click-lock Bayonet connectors. 
Golem Gear Inc. became a global distributor of our products.

At DEMA 2010, we presented the Hammerhead CCR 
upgrade with the new name Hammerhead 
Extreme, where we presented the removable 
sensor cartridge and Shrimp BOV for the fist time.

In 2011, we designed our first underwater housing for the 
GoPro HERO 2 camera with an operational depth of 150m. 
Since then, we regularly come up with new models of these 
very durable housings with guaranteed operational depths 
of 150m and 300m. These were produced soon after the 
launch of new GoPro HERO camera models.

These housings are popular worldwide for their design, 
robustness and reliability.

In 2014, in cooperation with Golem Gear, we developed a new side-mount rebreather called
the FLEX CCR, which was available either with Hammerhead electronics or in a manual
version with CMF orifice and Heads Up display (HUD).

At DEMA 2015, we presented completely new rebreather model, the first XCCR unit, 
equipped with a CO2 sensor, digital high-pressure sensors and Polish control electronics.

In 2016, we made a major upgrade of the XCCR and 
in agreement with Shearwater Research Inc. we 
fitted the XCCR unit with Shearwater control and 
monitoring electronics, the most advanced and 
most user friendly CCR electronics worldwide. 
Starting in 2017 we began selling XCCR units 

In 2018, we obtained a CE certificate for XCCR from 
DEKRA, a German notified body.

In 2017 we upgraded the FLEX to the FLEX2 with newly designed 3D Counterlungs and ADV
integrated into the upper canister.

In 2019, we made a major upgrade to the FLEX2, which now uses Shearwater control and
monitoring electronics.

In 2022, we developed the first side-mount Bail-Out Valve called the SM BOV Neo, which is 
now supplied with the FLEX2 CCR.

And we continue with the development of next diving products ..