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XCCR is an expedition grade
mixed gas rebreather

developed with respect to the needs of technical divers and explorers, well suited for recreational and extreme use.

Powerful and unique

Made with ergonomic, durable and user-friendly design offering exceptional reliability, world class robustness and very easy maintenance.

Provides ease-of breathing with a minimum of 6 hour duration
even in depths over 150m.

Easily expandable & upgradable.

The power is in the details

The features that make the difference

Ultimate in flexible unit confguration

including multiple canisters, scrubbers, counterlungs, cylinders, back plates, BCD wings and regulators.


with extremely low flow resistance and a duration of at least 6 hours even in extreme conditions.

Cutting edge Shearwater electronics package

including integrated multi-gas decompression calculation, CO2 monitoring, high pressure gas monitoring and Stack Timer on the primary controller.

Variable connections of electronics devices

Primary Controller, Head-up Display, NERD2 or Secondary computer, connected via reliable watertight connectors
rated up to 300m.

Two Li-Ion
batteries 18650

independent and easy replaceable for the ultimate power supply and redundancy, located outside of the breathing loop.

Easily removable Sensor Cartridge

with three O2 sensors and one built-in CO2 sensor making it easy to dry, check or replace cells.

Industry unique Quick Bayonet Lock

on the CCR
head & Canister.

User replaceable

made of stainless steel, without any need to adjust the medium pressure.


on gas cylinders for easy and quick replacement.


(bail-out valve) as standard equipment.