XCCR now CE certified

Our experience about DEKRA EXAM:
We have to highlight our excellent experience we have got with DEKRA EXAM as the notified body 0158 during the CE approval of the XCCR.'
DEKRA EXAM performed the entire CE approval of the XCCR. DEKRA EXAM has all the needed engineers and appropriate technical equipment at one place so they are able to perform all the tests in accordance with EN 14143: 2013, without having to outsource any test or testimonial.
We greatly appreciate their highly professional approach, high knowledge and experience with certificating of CCR units.
They finished the CE approval in the deadline as proposed. The deadlines were also met due to fact that there was not necessary to change the XCCR design during the CE approval process and the XCCR unit passed all the given tests with sufficient reserve.
We also greatly appreciate their excellent organization of practical tests as well as their selection of the nominated divers who performed the tests. All of them were well skilled CCR divers while they had no experience with the XCCR unit before. This made the practical tests as objective as possible.
We would like to thank so much the DEKRA EXAM team for their excellent and highly professional job and for completing the XCCR CE approval in time.

From 2019 the name DEKRA EXAM will be changed to “DEKRA Testing and Certification GmbH”