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The next step in the evolution of HammerHead CCR

X-CCR is an expedition grade rebreather
designed to provide reliable performance in demanding underwater environments.
The unit is developed using years of our experience in CCR development with respect to the needs of divers and explorers.

X-CCR combines a well proven rebreather chassis with the most innovative electronics package
to form the most fault tolerant rebreather, provides outstanding reliability, ruggedness and yet the easiest maintenance.
The most important feature of X-CCR is reliability, flexibility, durability and user-friendly design.

X-CCR has been design to cope mechanical, electronic and human failures
without locking you out and leaving you without the ability to complete your dive.

x-ccr x-ccr head & conn


Compact and ergonomic design facilitates easy tool-less assembly and maintenance. Ergonomically designed hardware and software designed to reduce human error and increase usability.

Radial Scrubber as standard, quaranted 6 hour duration, three optional sizes. Industry unique Quick Bayonet Lock on the head, with easy access to the O-ring. Two canister models - made of Delrin or marine grade hard anodized Aluminum with teflon coating. Gas tanks optionally from 2L to 7L, quick release fasteners for easy and quick tank replacement. Primary controller with color OLED display, secondary deco computer, compact HUD. Compact Head Up Display is configurable for Alarms or PPO2 mode. Buddy signal on HUD. Diluent manifold with up to 8 outlets and Oxygen manifold with up-to 5 outlets. Off-board gas can be connected directly via Swagelok QC6 quick connect 9/16”.

X-CCR Head

The head is designed to have advanced air flow paths to eliminate condensation able to form on the O2 cells.

Main controller board serves three O2-sensors PPO2 readings, setpoint control, solenoid firing, CO2-reading, HP reading on Oxygen and Diluent tanks, HUD control, sensors calibration, ambient temperature measurement.

Main controller board is built in the hermetic compartment inside the Head.
The Primary and Secondary handsets and HUD are connected via specially developed watertight connector on the head, rated to 300m (housing made of AISI 316). If user cuts all the cables, the unit will still carry on working and maintain the PPO2 up to surfacing.

HP sensors are located on the top of the head, connected via HP hose ... no cables, wireless or optical links to fail. The X-electronics has very low power consumption and provides long term battery life.

O2-sensors and built-in CO2 sensor are placed in the easily removable cartridge making it easy to dry up, check or replace the sensors. PPO2 readings are electronically separated one from another, in the event of a short circuit on any sensor or cable or one of the computers, this will not affect the ppO2 reading on the other computer.

Two independent replaceable Li-Ion batteries 18650 are located in the sealed compartments on the head out of the breathing loop, so the breathing gas can not be contaminated in any case. Batteries are discharged one after the other and ensure continuous operation of the unit for dozens of hours. You never have to miss a dive due to battery problems.

User serviceable low power Solenoid of AISI 316 Stainless steel rated for up to 17 bar (no pressure setting of the 1st stage needed), with swivel fitting with built-in O2-filter.

USB connector for easy software upgrade of the Main board and Primary handset.

x-ccr cartridge

Primary handset and HUD

has 2,8” OLED display, ambient light sensor, flip screen, two Piezos, Compass, Stack timer, Log-book O2-sensors and calibration timer, Black-box.

Primary handset has Color coding to display the values:
Green = OK, ... the values are within limits
Yellow = Warning ... the value is in still acceptable deviation
Red = Alert ... the value is out of allowed limits.

Head Up Display is compact 3-LED display, double sided for buddy signal.

Secondary computer

The unit can be configured with any suitable computer available on the market like OSTC-cR, SeaBear T1, NERD, Shearwater Petrel, Divesoft Freedom, etc. Secondary computer is connected via cable with the watertight connector, convertible by user.

Breathing loop

Standard Front or Back mounted counterlungs, so you can configure the unit according to your preferences. BOV Shrimp supplied as standard (iQsub long time tested design worldwide). Easy to use click bayonet locks on all the breathing loop, coded against unintentional confusion. T-pieces with the side outlet for easy connecting of LP hose to Manual Add Valve for the Back mounted counterlungs. ADV is integrated in the low profile T-piece, equipped with shut-off valve. Compact and reliable swivel Manual Add Valves with quick connect, low profile Over Pressure Valve.

Other features

Every unit is tested to 150m before it leaves the factory. CE approval in process.